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Our Facility is equipped with the latest technology ensuring consistent quality with every production. Our Manufacturing capabilities allows us to produce minimum 300kg batches up to1000kg per run.

  • Anti-Aging serums

  • Anti-Aging moisturizers

  • Vitamin C serums

  • Vitamin B serums

  • Foaming cleansers

  • Anti-acne balms

  • After shave balms

  • After laser treatment serums

  • Exfoliating Cleansers

  • Hand creams

  • Self-tanning oils

  • Self-tanning sprays

  • AHA scrubs

  • AHA gels

  • Eye creams

  • Hydrating sprays

  • Hydrating masks

  • Body oils

  • Cleansing oils

  • Shower oil​s


Our Capabilities

Typically, the products that can be manufactured under contract include but not limited to:


Filling and Packing

Our equipment enables filling and packing in a range of shapes and sizes. 

  • Tube diameter range from 10mm to 50mm

  • Filling Volume range from 5ml to 300ml

  • Filling Volume range from 5ml to 1000ml

Jar and Bottle filling

Should your packaging type not be listed here, please contact us for additional advise.

Tube FIlling and Sealing

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